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 #1218  by __Genius__
 Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:03 am
Hi guys,
I want to say thanks to kind people at this forum & who made this forum for people for learning & sharing knowledge .
with limitations that driver development , kernel researching & such a like things have a place like kernelmode.info is always a nice location for people who want learn more & share their knowledge .
I want to say thank you to a_d_13 who built & running up this website, administering a website like this is a difficult task .
also I want to say lots of thanks to forum moderators, like EP_X0FF (for informative posts & nice sharing, with helpful advices), Alex (a real friend & a kindly guy who is too patience & help other people, & I love this guy too much :), special thanks to you dear Alex ) & other moderators who made things fine at this forum .
also thanks to other members for contributing at this forum (like Evilcry & other people ...) .
these months I'm busy with my final exams, after finishing these exams I will continue to my contribution at this forum because I like this forum & it's guys .
As a member at this forum I want to have an appreciation to all people who made up , contribute & keep this place up.

best regards,
- Arash