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 #33284  by R136a1
 Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:08 pm
Everything comes to an end and so does this forum. Due to inactivity and lack of interesting new topics, we have decided to close the forum. We've come a long way since we first went online almost 10 years ago.

During this time, we've seen some of the most interesting malware and analyses of them. It was a fun time as you could find new tricks and techniques in countless of malware. But the big time of malware driven technical innovations is over. Nowadays, most of the interesting stuff can be either found in real APTs which are rare or is released by pentesters, red teamers and security researchers.

While this forum was mostly dedicated to malware analysis, we have also seen many interesting coding and reversing related topics. As the name of the forum implied this was a great place to learn kernelmode development and find various related tools.

The forum will be closed at the end of November. However, it won't be taken offline but instead converted into an archive so the information won't be lost. This means you won't be able to login and post anymore. Please make sure you save any PMs you want to rescure. The file attachments will be made public so everybody can download them.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this forum over the years and good luck for the future!

Best regdards,