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 #21778  by rinn
 Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:52 am

Just a thought to say, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

Best Regards,
 #21785  by EP_X0FF
 Wed Dec 25, 2013 2:17 am
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
Hope you get well soon Xylitol.
 #21823  by Horgh
 Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:36 pm
Xylitol wrote:merry christmas and happy new year from the hospital (got a car crash this night) i've the clavicle broken and hematoma at left leg, i can't move for the moment that hurt too much.
I hope you got a subscription with the nearby hospital, you seem to be a good client :p
You know what your next year good resolution will be I guess

Happy new year !
 #27495  by EP_X0FF
 Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:15 pm
Happy New Year everybody, best wishes in 2016 :)