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 #2721  by vCatcher
 Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:12 am
Packer(or Crypter or Whatever) is changed?
After passing the UPX layer , we endup in some piece of code , which is obviously not output of any normal compiler. That binary has additional protection layer we can only assume if generated by builder but most likelly its just crypted with some crypter. Also notice the BitDefenter VersionInfo which is used to stop some Bitdefender signature probably. I seen this version info at more malware samples.
 #2865  by cjbi
 Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:00 pm
Screenshot of SpyEye 1.2.28 builder.

Another public directory.
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 #2912  by EP_X0FF
 Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:31 pm
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 #2963  by nullptr
 Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:14 pm
The above sample SHA1 : ddedb2cb0a67421a70bcf71deaaec304d79b1c7f - whatever it is.


c:\documents and settings\NetworkService\Local Settings\Application Data\DBControl
c:\documents and settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Application Data\DBControl
C:\documents and settings\CurrentUser\Local Settings\Application Data\DBControl

Hooks every process that it can:
ntdll.dll-->NtEnumerateValueKey, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x7C90D2EE-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
ntdll.dll-->NtQueryDirectoryFile, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x7C90D76E-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
ntdll.dll-->NtResumeThread, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x7C90DB3E-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
ntdll.dll-->NtVdmControl, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x7C90DF1E-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
ntdll.dll-->LdrLoadDll, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x7C9163C3-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
advapi32.dll-->CryptEncrypt, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x77DEE360-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
user32.dll-->TranslateMessage, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x7E418BF6-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->InternetReadFile, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D94654B-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->HttpQueryInfoA, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D94878D-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->InternetCloseHandle, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D949088-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->InternetQueryDataAvailable, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D94BF7F-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->HttpAddRequestHeadersA, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D94CF46-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->HttpOpenRequestA, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D94D508-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->HttpSendRequestW, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D94FABE-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->HttpSendRequestA, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D95EE89-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->InternetReadFileExA, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D963381-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
wininet.dll-->InternetWriteFile, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x3D9A60F6-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
ws2_32.dll-->send, Type: Inline - RelativeJump 0x71AB4C27-->00000000 [unknown_code_page]
 #3164  by EP_X0FF
 Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:42 pm
SpyEye v1.2.x

http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/rep ... 1287599762

unpacked dropper attached.
skype Skype msnmsgr %s!%s!%08X ! %08X Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer Version User Admin ONLINE md5= ccrc= cpu= plg= rep= tid= ut= os= ie= stat= ver= & guid= ? PLUGIN LOAD-COMPLETE LOAD-ERROR ACTIVE LOAD UPDATE_CONFIG PATH UPDATE <br> SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN %s%s\%s %s\ntdll.dll __SPYNET_RELOADCFG__ __SPYNET_UNINSTALL__ \\.\pipe\globpluginsuninstallpipe TASK IS OK [ERROR] : CreateProcess("%s", ..., "%s") fails : dwFileSize == 0x%08X; dwCrc32 == 0x%08X : dwErr == %d [ERROR] : DumpPage("%s", "%s") fails : dwErr == %d upd [ERROR] : Empty szLink? : dwErr == %d [ERROR] : Empty data? : dwErr == %d [ERROR] : Empty report. Unknown error : dwErr == %d [ERROR] : Thread is really sloppy : dwErr == %d [ERROR] : Cannot create thread. 0o : dwErr == %d .. \*.* collectors.txt maincps.txt ; .cfg .dll
anonymous xWS2send GRABBED DATA %s%s%s EMPTY Content-Type: .accdb .ppsx .pps .docx .doc .xlsx .xls .xml .txt .pdf .7z .rar .zip .exe .ico .mpeg .mpg .avi .mng .flv .bmp .swf .gif .png .jpeg .jpg .css .js Accept-Encoding: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer Connection: close
Keep-Alive: Keep-Alive: Connection: keep-alive HTTP/1. Content-Length: %u Cteonnt-Length: Content-Length: l script text/ Content-Length Content-Type Connection: close
Connection: Content-Encoding: deflate gzip Transfer-Encoding: chunked data_end data_after data_inject data_before set_url gp * g p %x \ \ B a s e N a m e d O b j e c t s \ \ \ . \ p i p e \ _AVIRA_ __SYSTEM__ 1.2.4
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