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 #32672  by dyavid
 Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:44 am
Hi! So I downloaded a .dll and a little program from a Discord server to help me with modding a game, I analyzed every file with Virustotal with no results but I got warned by someone that they still may be malicious, because of this I got worried and I ask help to analyze them to see if they are okay or not.

The files work as follow:
In the 'Garen.zip' the hid.dll is simply put in the game folder and it executes when I open the game, without any other file (you can ignore the images and the other file)

The 'MakeWad' program is made to convert the .zip put in the 'SkinsZip' folder in a file with the extension .wad.client when you open the MakeWad.exe
The .wad.client file produced is put in one of the game folder with the name 'Custom.wad.client' and it works with the hid.dll file

Please let me know if it does anything else that may be malicious, VirusTotal gave 0 results for all the files but I'm still worried!
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