How access my driver using CreateFile() api?

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How access my driver using CreateFile() api?

Postby fl4shc0d3r » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:41 pm

I have a Delphi code where i want send a command to my driver, but CreateFile() cannot find device location.

here is my use of CreateFile():

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hDevice := CreateFileW('\\.\XXX', GENERIC_ALL, 0,

and in my device with symbolic link:

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const WCHAR deviceNameBuffer[] = L"\\Device\\XXX";
const WCHAR deviceSymLinkBuffer[] = L"\\??\\XXX";

/////////////////// DriverEntry() /////////////////////

UNICODE_STRING deviceNameUnicodeString, deviceSymLinkUnicodeString;
 // Normalize name and symbolic link.
 RtlInitUnicodeString (&deviceNameUnicodeString,
 RtlInitUnicodeString (&deviceSymLinkUnicodeString,
 // Create the device.
 ntStatus = IoCreateDevice ( pDriverObject,
   0, // For driver extension
 // Create the symbolic link
 ntStatus = IoCreateSymbolicLink(&deviceSymLinkUnicodeString,
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Re: How access my driver using CreateFile() api?

Postby Vrtule » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:00 pm


you do not seem to check NTSTATUS values returned by IoCreateDevice and IoCreateSymbolicLink, so it is not clear whether your device or its symbolic link are actually created.

Do not pass FILE_DEVICE_UNKNOWN as device characteristics, since this constant is a device type, not device characteristic. Pass zero instead, for example.

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