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MalwareTech TrickBot Tools

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A collection of tools for working with TrickBot

Used to decrypt TrickBot configs (found in install directory under then name config.conf)

Example usage: -input config.conf -output config.txt

Used to download files from command and control server

For it to work you'll need to fill servers.txt with a list of recent servers (TrickBot servers die very quickly)

-o (--output) is the file to save to.

-f (--file) specifes the file to download, here is a list of files available:


systeminfo32 - gather information about the infected system (32-bit module)
injectdll32 - injects into the browser and performs webinjects (32-bit module)
mailsearcher32 - searches through files to gather a list of email addresses (32-bit module)
sharedll32 - allows the malware to move laterally via network shares (32-bit module)
Config Files

main - main TrickBot config which includes the latest server list
dinj - dynamic webinject configuration
sinj - static webinject configuration
dpost - server which the dynamic webinjects will send intercepted requests to
mailconf - server to send harvested email list to

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