Windows 10 Pro [1607] (x86/x64) Reverser Edition ISOs

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Windows 10 Pro [1607] (x86/x64) Reverser Edition ISOs

Post by TechLord » Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:48 am

Windows 10 Pro [1607] (x86/x64) Reverser Edition ISOs (615MB/914MB)

At the outset, let me be clear that these are not cracked or Warez ISOs. You can still activate these distros with a legit key if you want to.

I want to share a distro of Windows 10 (x86 and x64 vesions) that I been only sharing privately so far, to everyone here as I am sure that you would find it extremely valuable for debugging and testing out stuff.

Main Highlights :
  • Entire ISO fits in a CD !
  • Installed image size for 64-bit version is 3.25 GB and for the 32-bit version is only 2.7 GB!
  • Installs very fast (around 90 seconds in machines even 8 years old) !
  • Auto-Installs for the most part.
  • VERY fast and snappy response even when debugging heavy code.
  • Windows Defender removed - Since it significantly slows down our RE efforts and sometimes deletes files (silently) that it deems malicious.
  • Windows Store removed - Once again, not needed for RE and it also slows down the system significantly when running large programs in a debugger.
  • Windows Update is NOT removed - so if you connect to the internet, it will attempt to update itself. You can disable it with either a registry entry [GPO] or through the use of GUI tools.
  • The browser has also been removed. Please install a browser of your choice if needed...
  • Windows Activation is also possible - Do so if you want to. Even otherwise the OS will function.
  • All the "Bells and Whistles" that would slow down our work are REMOVED. That means you would need to install whatever YOU would be needing, to this OS - including drivers, tools, fonts etc.

    This is more or less like a "kernel" which you can and would have to customize further according to your needs.
  • You can install Windows STORE manually if you really need it for some reason. Just do a google search. There are many articles describing how you can install it fresh in case it becomes corrupt for any reason. Just takes around 5 minutes.
  • If you do need a browser, I suggest that you can install Firefox v56 or earlier (since the latest versions are a bloat) - again it's upto you guys. Your choice.
    Chrome browser is also fine.
  • I have tested and confirmed that MS Office etc also installs perfectly (tested around 5 months ago with the version latest at that time).
The SUMMARY of the SERIES of steps :
1. Install the ISO.
2. Turn off UPDATES with the Update Disabler Tool of mine.

You can download the ISOs here:
64-Bit Version : [914 MB] ... chLord.iso
SHA256: adf3a79e71332e98e84ff6f6ad89bada31bae26a594e9d8d8836402674ae1f0d
MD5 : b27e6ae7c604557b9ea351a3ee3ff68c

32-Bit Version : [615 MB] ... chLord.iso
MD5 : e74203091018cd0807acf11b813868d2
SHA256 : e1913751782a638399b0c150bd4990fbdbf2832c552140c27ec92fd1b29d4033


This is a small tool that I coded that would enable us to TURN OFF and TURN ON Windows Updates as per our wish.
CONFIRMED WORKING for Windows 10 versions upto and including the Release 1703.
Not sure if it would work for later versions (did not test).

When we are debugging something and need to stay connected to the internet but do not want the OS attempting to download updates (and maybe restart) at that time, then we can use this tool to temporarily turn off the check for updates.
Do not worry in case your AV detects this as malware - Its a false positive.

If you do share my ISOs outside of the forum, please do give me proper credits and also do include all the notes that I put up above, with the ISO shares ...

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Re: Windows 10 Pro [1607] (x86/x64) Reverser Edition ISOs

Post by TechLord » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:36 pm

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Re: Windows 10 Pro [1607] (x86/x64) Reverser Edition ISOs

Post by EP_X0FF » Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:51 pm

Yes. You can submit your changes (whole post) via PM to mods (for example me) and I will change your initial post. If your PM is not enabled yet ( < 10 posts) then just post your changes as new post, I will copy them to original post.
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